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Tanning without lotion

Is it really necessary?

Q: Is it necessary to use tanning lotion when tanning? A: No it is not. It is also not necessary to use toothpaste when brushing your teeth, or to use conditioner when washing your hair. This analogy may seem silly to some but there is truth to these statements. The best argument for using lotion is that moisturized skin receives more UV than dry skin. (period) You always get more UV (often too much) when you are swimming and that is because of the simple fact that your skin is EXTREMELY moisturized while in water. Tanning lotion contains ingredients that promote melanin production as well, helping to tan better and faster than tanning dry.
When we expose our skin to Sunlight regularly our skin gets tanned and the pigment converts UV energy into heat energy. Our skin also thickens a bit and gets kinda dry. This thicker dryer skin prevents the UV from reaching the lower levels of the skin where the Tanning takes place. Therefore, the more you tan the thicker and dryer your skin gets and the faster your color fades.
At Club Tan we want you to get the best results with the fewest sessions for the best and longest lasting color. That is why our lamps are always great and we recommend using high quality tanning products.  For only a few cents per session you can be confident that you are not wasting any of the UV rays on dry skin!
Please consult with a staff member about lotion use and what products would be right for you.
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